About the Department

· “Vicinity To Upgrade” is the motto of the department.

· The department is headed by an IT skill enabled person with a doctorate from Anna University, Chennai.

· The department has workaholic faculty members with good academic record.

· All the faculty members of the department are ‘BEC’ certified by the University of Cambridge.

· The department laboratories are equipped with highly sophisticated equipment with high speed Internet facility and centralized air condition.

· The students are having self-learning environment by utilizing IIT-Bombay – FOSS, NPTEL videos by the professors of IIT, Academic videos by foreign expert members etc.,

· The department is working on outcome related teaching-learning process based on QEEE.

· All students are motivated to undergo the Infosys – Campus Connect Foundation Program, Mobile App Certification courses etc.,

· All the faculty members are highly qualified with Oracle 11G.

· All students will be taken to Infosys, Bangalore, to get IT exposure.

· All the Faculty members are attending the training programs periodically organized by Wipro Technologies.

· The department is joining hands with Wipro – Mission10X to increase the no. of placement, 10 times more than that of now.

· Along with Oracle & ICTACT, the CSE department has organized a five day Oracle training Program for the faculty members of various institutions from the year 2011 to 2016.

· All the students are given training on Mobile Application Development at Microsoft Innovation Center till 8.00 p.m daily.

· The department faculty members are having experience with Industry collaborative initiative.

Centres of Excellence Exclusively for CSE Department

· Microsoft Innovation Center.

· Center for Oracle, Java and Middleware courses & Disk Storage Administration.

· Center for Big data Analysis.

· Center for Mobile App Development.

· Center for Cloud Technology.

· License free laboratories for Microsoft Products.

Best Practices of the department

A.      English Corner – Since English is a foreign language, students need to upgrade their fluency in English. Aiming at this, some valuable information are displayed on all notice boards related to English such as Grammar; English Tongue-Twisters; Britain versus American English; Usage of conjunction; Proverbs and Adverbs; Formal versus Informal English; Unknown facts about English; Palindrome; confusing words with clarification etc., English Corner sharpens LSRW (Listen, Speak, Read, and Write) skills. English Corner creates great impact on the communication skill of each and every student and faculty members of the institution.

B.      Business English Certificate (BEC) – All the teaching faculty members and the students are strictly instructed to do the Business English Certificate (BEC) course which is certified by University of Cambridge. Weekly one day BEC training is provided by the BEC certified trainers from the Department of English through which the communication skill is developed.

C.      Faculty Vocabulary Improvement Forum (VMS) – All the faculty members are instructed to upload the English vocabulary in the Vocabulary Management System (VMS) that are used in the classroom along with technical meaning. This is a routine process at the end of every tutorial hour. The VMS is an open access system from which the students can get comprehensive meaning for the technical terms at any point of time.

D.     Paavai Math Forum (PMF) – Paavai Math Forum (PMF) is the comprehensive resource for math education. The faculties of mathematics department, students, research scholars, HoDs are the members of PMF. Before the starting of every semester, a workshop on Application of Mathematics in Engineering is organized by PMF. This workshop is very much supportive for the students and the research scholars are to be familiar with the reason for studying math concepts. PMF certainly creates a keen interest on Mathematics among all of the students especially those who are not interested in Mathematics.

E.      Rejuvenation Program – Yearly once all of the teaching faculty members and also the energetic students who are identified as ‘catalyst students’, are taken to any one of the hill stations like Yercaud, Munar, Yelagiri etc., for 4 days rejuvenation residential program. Members of the institution of all cadres are treated equally and mingle with each other for the enhancement of team work. Various events are conducted by grouping the members. Soft skills such as Team Building, Strategic Planning, Mentoring, Delegation, Diplomacy, Decision Making, Negotiation, Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional IntelligenceTime Management, Effective utilization of institution resources etc., are skilled along with Institution faith, Adaptation with the principles of institution for the mutual growth of both the institution and the staff members.

F.       Faculty Revalidation Program (FRP) – The performance of the faculty members who are having below 2 years of experience in the institution is revalidated by the Performance Evaluation Committee (PEC). The PEC consists of HoDs & senior professors of various departments including English and Mathematics, retired professors from reputed institution, Principal, the
Chairman and the Correspondent. Various parameters such as English fluency, Usage of black board, Handwriting, Clarity of delivery, Body language, Class control, Doubt clearance, Pronunciation of words, linking the topic with practical examples etc., are assessed at the time of teaching. The faculty members will be asked to give presentation until he/she satisfies the PEC committee for the development of their teaching ability. FRP is undoubtedly useful for all of the faculty members who are new to the teaching profession for enhancing the teaching skill.

G.     Daily Activity Reporting System (DARS) – All the teaching and non-teaching faculty members have to record their works that they had done before leaving the college daily. This documentation is monitored and assessed by the HoD daily and issues are shared with each of the faculty against the performance of the staff member. Monthly review meet is conducted for the HoDs which is headed by the Principal in which discussion is made on this daily activity report. The DARS helps the staff members, HoDs, Principal and the management to measure the performance of every individual at any point of time. DARS definitely increases the level of responsibility and ownership attitude among the faculty members.

H.     Faculty Orientation Program (FOP) – A 3 day non-residential orientation program is organized especially for the faculty members who have joined recently (below one year). This is helpful for the new comers to know each of the higher officials, to expose their skills, to understand the culture of the institutions etc., This program is also helpful for the higher officials and the management to identify the suitable candidates for work allocation.

I.       Effective Resource Utilization – All the students and staff members are advised to make use of at least one resource daily that are available in the institution. This utilization of the resource has to be registered in the Daily Activity Report. If not, reason has to be registered. This kind of genuine force on the faculty members and students always reflects positive reaction for the goodness of themselves. The feedback shows that this system definitely kindles the staff members to time management, to prioritize the commitments and to enable themselves beyond their skill abilities.

J.       ASTRA – Astra, the intra-collegiate cultural extravaganza aims to unleash the talents in the Paavaians (students of Paavai Institutions), streamline their capabilities and furthermore, tune their skills to perfection. The event acts as a prelude platform for the students before they can face the real world filled with talent and diverse opportunities. Students are taking part in various events such as Dance, Music, Art, Fashion Designing, Media, Quiz, Debate, Adventure, Sports etc., to showcase their interpersonal skill. Workshop on Short Film Making, Photography, Street-Play are also carried out by the team of experts. ASTRA is being conducted every year.

K.      Trekking – Every year the students of first year are taken for TREKKING to Yercaud. The students have to walk around 15 kilometers to climb-up the hill. This is very much helpful for the first year students who come from different places to know each other, to help each other, to become aware of the social responsibility too.

L.       Dedicated Counseling Department – A retired District Education Officer (DEO) of Tamilnadu is deputed for the purpose of counseling the students on various issues. Students can approach the counseling department at any time to find solution for a problem, to get advice, to share their concerns and to find solutions to the issues.

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