Industry Interactions

S. No. Company Name Mode of activity Activity
1. Microsoft Innovation Center Microsoft Innovation Center 1.Free accessibility on various Microsoft Products.
2.Opportunity to participate in Global level Microsoft Windows Application Development competitions.
2. Infosys Campus Connect Programme 1.Increasing the employability of student.
2.Training the students towards “Industry ready”.
3.Developing the Soft-skills & English.
3. Information and Communication Technology of Academy of Tamilnadu (ICTACT) BRIDGE, YOUTH CONTEST etc., 1.Faculty members can be trained through Faculty Development Programme.
2.Students and Faculty members can publish their articles.
4. Oracle Oracle Academy 1.Free Oracle software for teaching use.
2.Discounts on Oracle certification preparation and exams.
3.Discounts on Oracle Press textbooks and eBooks.
5. IIT Bombay Resource Center – Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Free Open Source Software (FOSS) 1.Interaction between teachers in various colleges.
2.Encouraged to create threaded discussion.
3.Get the software at no cost but as per the license you can run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
6. Wipro Mission 10X 1.Faculty can attend Training Program on various technical topics.
2.Students can do project using Unified Technology Learning Platform(UTLP) kit.
7. EMC2Academic Alliance 1.Provides faculty with free resources to teach information infrastructure technologies to their students.
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