About the Department

This unique program offers students with the idea to create an environment of safety against fire. Fire and safety explores different means of avoiding fire. It is a science of designing buildings and fire safety and correctly protection fire. Fire engineers design sectors are at the forefront of ensuring that fire safety is maintained and improved without exhausting natural resources or destructing the environment.

Safety and Fire Engineering forms an integral part of various process industries like chemical production units, refineries, fluid treatment plants, food and beverage industry etc. To design the piping for such plants needs adequate knowledge, insight and experience. As the industrial sector is poised for an upsurge around the world including India, most of the associated services will have to be scaled up. The curriculum of Safety and Fire Engineering includes all the requisite aspects to enter the field of piping design with confidence. The department strives to introduce education to imbibe innovative learn in strategies to make thorough use of one’s strengths and the employment opportunities.

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