Student Awards

  • Mr .S.P.Sivasankar, Final Mech won II prize in international conference(INCAMA’13) at Kalasalingam university in 2012-13 at Krishnankovil.
  • Mr.M.Paramasivan, 3rd Mech – Won FIRST Prize in Project Expo held at Kumaraguru College of Technology in 2013-2014.
  • Mr.M.Sanjay, Final Mech Received best player of the tournament in Kho Kho at GCE, Salem  2014-15.

  1. Mr.S.Praveenkumar, 3rd Mech Won II prize in ROBO VISION contest PSG College of Tech, Coimbatore in 2015-16.


  1. Mr.G.Sanjay,Final Mech won FIRST prize in TECHNICAL QUIZ Contest at Sona college of Technology, Salem  2015-16
  2. Mr.G.M.Pradeep, Final Mech Received best player of the tournament in cricket  at GCE, Salem  2016-17
  3. Mr.Koundar Logesh Rajendran, Final Mech – Won FIRST Prize in paper presentation held at Kongu Engineering  College 2017-18.
  4. Mr.Yazhventhan, Final Mech received best outstanding performance award for the year 2013-14.
    1. Ravishankar V, 2ndCSE is recognized as MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNER (MSP) by the Microsoft, India.
    2. Mr.Shijin Prakash, Final CSE – Won the ICTACT Youth Icon Runner Awardin 2014-15.
    3. Mr.S.Prassanna, 3rdCSE – Participated in Intel App 4 India Contest and was selected one among the top seven Indian students.
    4.   Ravishankar V, 2nd CSE – published the below mentioned articles in the C Sharp Corner
    1. How to Switch ON/OFF LED using ARDUINO UNO And C# Form Applications?
    2. Getting LED Lights ON/OFF in Arduino When Light Intensity Changes.
    3. How to Create Simple Game Play Application Using Cross Platform?
    4. Take Picture with Android Camera Using Xamarin Native Application.
    5. ImageView in Xamarin Native Platform With Example.
    6. Using MasterPage in Xamarin.Form.
    1. Mr.S.Prassanna, 3rdCSE – won 1st prize in Young Ramanujan Mathematics Fest conducted by PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
    2. Ravishankar V, 2ndCSE  – won prize in the event ‘Visual Studio Launch Live’, conducted by Microsoft-Cross Platform.
    3.   Ravishankar V, 2nd CSE – won prize in the event ‘ASP.NET Core 1.0 Cross-Platform (MVA)’, and ‘Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development, Part 10: Implementing Cross-Platform Microsoft Authentication’ conducted by Microsoft.
    4. Texas innovation contest was held in IIT-Madras. In that contest our student Aswin c. venu was awarded with the Best Student Innovation Award in 2014.

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