Paavai Principles

We, the students of Paavai Educational Institutions, are very much aware that we are prepared to cherish and uphold the Paavai Principles such as Refined Culture and Rich Values. We are taught a kind of education on the Paavai Campus which is based on the modern and humanistic thoughts which enables us to promote the peace of mankind in general.

The Paavai Campus, where we receive the creative energy to translate our lofty dreams into meaningful and constructive actions, inspires us into a realization that it is our responsibility to take care of the welfare and security of the brothers and sisters with whom we study here.

We whole – heartedly believe that we would recognise and respect the love, affection, care and concern of our parents and teachers, and also follow their well-meant guidance and disciplining instructions and come up in life with flying colours.

– Paavai Students

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