Principal’s Profile

Dr. J. Sundararajan

Dr.J.Sundararajan is contributing for the cause of education at various academic levels for more than 2 decades. He has been an active co-ordinator for NBA & NAAC inspection at various technical institutions. He played pivotal roles such as Academic Council member, Research supervisor, valuation Board Chairman, University question paper setter for UG and PG for a quite number of Universities. He has been the Conference Chair Person, Keynote Speaker, Convener and so on, in numerous International level conferences at Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok.

Dr. J. Sundararajan, for the welfare of the learning community, has published 3 technical books and also 59 research articles in reputed International journals and 22 in national journals. Under his supervision and guidance, 6 research scholars had obtained Ph.D at Anna University and 7 more are pursuing. With his profound technical knowledge, he has received various grants from MHRD, Government of India under DBT, DeiTy and SERB for doing projects and to organize Conferences, Workshops and Seminars, etc.

Dr. J. Sundararajan is an active member of many Professional Bodies like Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and FUWAI. He is focusing on solving academic and societal issues related to various research topics including Bio-Medical Signal Processing & Instrumentation, Computer Networks, and Image Processing.

Dr. J. Sundararajan, a teacher turned principal, is an efficient teacher, able administrator, talented researcher and a sincere and accommodative guide.

Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach. ― Aristotle

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